Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Fashion


These days Nuna is sporting a distinctively autumn atikluk. Her fall fashions are among an expansive collection exclusively designed by Freezing Temperatures and North Wind Unlimited.

Fresh off the runway, her ensemble is a celebration of rich color...


... and textural interest.


Beaded accessories were provided by Days & Days of Fog who graciously added dimension to Nuna's wardrobe with countless strings of genuine H2O.


A few impressive pieces were on loan from Precipitation Factory Direct (stay tuned for their soon-to-be-released ice collection).


It's good to see that, even at her age, Nuna still enjoys a little bling.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weighty Subject

Whew! Things have really been crazy since school started three weeks ago and nothing has been hit harder by the whirlwind of renewed activity than this blog. So, while there are plenty of things to share, there is very little time to share it.

I am completely in awe of FC over at Pure Florida in that he somehow manages post interesting things almost daily in spite of his hectic school schedule and personal commitments. Kudos to you, FC! I'm just not there yet, but you are definitely my blogging inspiration!


While I have a few short minutes, I thought I'd offer up some photos of a fossilized
Woolly Mammoth tusk recently discovered on the tundra by a local hunter here in Atqasuk. It's not an uncommon thing to find tusks up here, but this one is quite a bit larger than others that have surfaced.

This thing weighs about sixty pounds and is probably more than 4000 years old! Pretty amazing, huh?

It kind of redefines that old expression of being "long in the tooth!"