Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cold War


The transition from autumn to winter is a gradual, practically graceful, thing. Like two old friends on a quiet walk, no matter how much fun they have conversing, the time for parting ways inevitably comes. Winter winds up. Autumn falls silently away. The seasonal shift is gentle, barely noticeable.

But...the springtime changing of the guard tends to be characterized by a very different tone. Unwilling to relinquish control, Winter’s grip is strong, but Spring is youthful and wages a ferocious battle of its own.

With snarling teeth, it devours Winter's hold bite after bite...



...while the Sun aides the arrogant upstart with pounding rays both day and night.


Still, Winter’s allies, Wind and Cold, keep the old one in the fight.


But in the end, things never change....

Winter's loss is Spring's delight.