Sunday, January 27, 2008


No More Doghouse

Well, actually it's not the dog that is gone...just the doghouse. We had a fairly respectable blizzard last week and it pretty much finished the job of burying the dogigloo (no adhesives involved). During one of my digging-out frenzies two of my fingers suffered near frostbite, so the doghouse won't be rescued anytime soon. Until things warm up a little more, Precious will have to stay inside. She'll be disappointed. She actually likes going outside to investigate any traces of recent intruders and bark at anything that is new or interesting. Caribou often wander near my house and that really drives her over the edge!


Bryan said...

Fond memories drift through my mind,
As I sit back and remember the time,
Dogs could shelter safe and warm,
Could find delight in their own cozy home.

But snow has erased their house from sight,
Now they sit through long winter nights,
Dreaming and hoping spring will break through,
Will find and return the dear dogigloo.

Kimberlee said...

LOL! Wow, how creative, Bryan! I love it! I wish I'd had that when I was coming up with the post. It's too good to be stuck in the comments section! I'll try to give you a heads up next time. :)

Steve said...

Fairly respectable blizzard, indeed! It looks like you're working on your own private glacier, there, Kimberlee. That's impressive weather.

Kimberlee said...

Private glacier? Ha! Good one, Steve! I am a little concerned about what spring may bring...that private glacier is sure to turn into a world class slushy sometime around mid-June! :)