Saturday, June 14, 2008


May 2008 361

Toward the end of May, when things begin to get really slushy, people start making frequent, yet otherwise unnecessary, trips to the river. They watch...and wait...and watch...and wait. They know all too well that it's impossible to predict exactly when the ice will "go," but that doesn't curb the irresistable urge to guess. More than anything, though, folks just don't want to miss it. So the normally quiet riverbank hums with activity virtually around the clock.

May 2008 386

Massive slabs of ice are inevitably beached as the water level rises and falls several times throughout the process of breaking up.

May 2008 373

May 2008 365

May 2008 366

The remnants are often rather interesting...

May 2008 378

May 2008 379

May 2008 383

May 2008 384

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