Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something Amazing

This video clip was shot by Doug Armstrong, a new teacher here in Atqasuk. A few weeks ago, he discovered something strange swimming along the edge of the Arctic Ocean in Barrow. I've seen jellyfish along the Arctic coast before, but never anything like this! It looks more like something featured on Pure Florida than here! In lieu of an official identification, Doug has dubbed this mysterious creature a "technicolor sea corndog." As far as I know, there's no stick involved. :)

Note: When I viewed the video on YouTube there was an option to "watch in high quality" linked just below the volume button. If this version is too pixelated, I definitely recommend checking it out on the website directly...click here


Anonymous said...

Could it be a sea cucumber? tammy, I really have no idea but that is the first thing that struck me.

Floridacracker said...

Ack! I'm checking in from the school's computer and they block video links, so I'll have to watch it at home before I can chip in my opinion.

Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

It is what is commonly called a Comb Jelly fish. They are Ctenophores of the class Nuda. Wide spread, many are predators of other jelly fish.

Here's some information

Kimberlee said...

Sea cucumber was my first thought too, but I've never actually seen one...so I decided to wait for input from others. :)

Our school district blocks YouTube as well...and my home connection can only handle video SOMETIMES, so I'm sort of in the same boat. But this creature was so interesting...I had to go ahead and share it. Your blog was the first thing I thought of...you always have such cool photos, videos, and stories!

Thanks for the identification and link! I would never have thought that strange creature was actually a type of jellyfish. I passed the info on to Doug (the one who shot the video clip).

Do you see these in your area as well?

Anonymous said...

I've heard of them here, but I've yet to see one.