Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Know How He Feels

2008-Halloween 191

It seemed simple enough.

Fly across the road...wheels spinning on packed snow, slide sideways to a full (and very cool-looking) stop at the porch, score some serious candy.

That was the not-so-well-thought-out plan.

Unfortunately, Halloween had one more trick up its sleeve.
In his enthusiasm, this trick-or-treater drove confidently off the road into snow that was
a little too deep,
a little too slick,
a little too...much for his four-wheeler.

While there may be nothing embarrassing about trick-or-treating when you're fifteen,
getting stuck is something else altogether (hence the nervous looking around).

2008-Halloween 192

Eventually, a helping hand arrives to save the day...
and maybe a little face.

2008-Halloween 193

There appear to be no other witnesses...
except for that irritating shutterbug on the porch!

2008-Halloween 194

But getting un-stuck is substantially more difficult than it looks.

2008-Halloween 195

Pulling backward doesn't help.
The only way out is

2008-Halloween 196

I can relate.

I know how it feels to be
unsure of what to do about it,
and embarrassed that others see me

As I press forward,
I’m thankful...for friends
with good timing.

And I'm hopeful that no one around me…
carries a camera.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Metaphorically you are so right. And isn't there always somebody watching. It looks very cold up there. It's good to be in Florida this time of year.

Kimberlee said...

LOL! You're probably right about someone always watching.

And it IS cold, but not nearly as uncomfortable as it can be this time of year. We haven't had as much wind as we normally do and that makes a huge difference.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jackie said...

Yep, great metaphor...except in "my metaphor" no one is watching, they're all too busy piling up more snow around my tires :)

Question - do you ever have trouble with your lense fogging up when you go out in the cold?

Kimberlee said...

Hey, Jackie! Yep and Yep. :)

I definitely understand the throwing more snow on thing. You know that old saying that goes something like..."if you want to get something done, give the job to a busy person." I hate that old saying!

And, yes, my lens does sometimes fog up. I was told by a professional photographer that it doesn't happen, but my experience tells me otherwise. My theory is that warm moisture from inside the house is still clinging to the camera when it hits the cold air and freezes. That's happened to my binoculars as well. Sometimes it's my breath that is know how your breath can just hang suspended in the air? But sometimes it's not my breath...because I'm holding my breath! I'm guessing that happens to you as well?

Jackie said...

I don't take nearly as many outside pictures as you do...I have to admit that I don't even GO outside all that much in the winter - not lately anyway. I guess the new is wearing off and it's not necessary for me to walk anywhere like you do. But anyway, yes, the fogging has happened to me a few times and I wondered what you do about it. Can't exactly leave your camera outside to acclimate :/