Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off Slope: A little work...a little play

It feels a little crazy.  

I'm sitting in a conference room in Anchorage and have actually received a mandate from the presenter to update my blog!  How amazing is that? 

An explanation is probably in order.

I am attending the ASTE conference through Wednesday.  This particular session is called Using Technology to Combat Teacher Isolation in Rural Schools.  The leader of this session is the author of Rural Water Cooler, a cool space dedicated to providing a sense of community for teachers of rural Alaska.

Our first assignment this morning was to create a Blogger blog.  A few of us already have one, so we're supposed to update!  Yahoo!

In addition to creating a blog, the presenter has also (thus far) discussed...

Now she's onto a discussion of long-distance collaboration strategies and I can't tell you what her last four sentences were.

I guess I should refocus.

What a great day of work!


Steve said...

Sounds fresh. Glad you got away to the big city for a bit.

kristina said...

That sounds like a nice get away. Are the kids getting a break from school or is someone filling in? What else are you planning on doing while in Anchorage?

Kimberlee said...

The line between "fresh" and "shockingly green" has been crossed a few times this week, but it HAS been fun. It's humbling to be reminded of how much one DOESN'T know, but always fun to learn something new.

An assistant is covering my class...or at least will be on Monday through Wednesday. I'm sure my students would LOVE to get those days off, but no such luck.

Most of our time in this conference is scheduled and busy, but I've already shopped some, have browsed some Native and Alaskan artwork, and I am hoping to go to the movies in a theatre surrounded by the aroma of hot, buttery popcorn. We'll see.

Anonymous said...


Wondered what happened to you? Now I know. It sounds like a great conference in Anchorage. I'm just looking at your blog updates, so no comments yet.

Blessings, Mark Conway-Sterling,AK