Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recipe for a Flaky Crust


Temperatures have dropped back into the normal range for this time of year. I checked the airport website a few minutes ago...

Temperature -36 F (-38 C)
Windchill -56 F (-49 C)

That's about right for December. It's definitely nippy.

Our little heat wave last week was immediately followed by several days of fog. Many of you probably already know (or can guess) that fog does some serious shape-shifting when the mercury begins to drop, but not before wrapping itself around every conceivable surface it can find.

Recipe for a Flaky Crust?

1 part temperature (extremely cold works best) + 2 parts Heavy Fog

Mix thoroughly and allow to set.

This produces a very flaky crust that will keep for weeks and weeks.

However, avoid exposure to wind!

And, if you can't avoid it, watch your head!


It's difficult to see in photographs, but some of these lines have about three to five inches of frost surrounding them. That's a six to ten inch diameter!


Fences add an elegant variation to the recipe, don't you think?



The snow (still) piled up on the railing of my porch has acquired a layer of frosty feathers.


I guess that's it for now. Stay warm out there!


Novice Naturalist said...

Lovely post, Kimberly. I am trying to find time to write up and post the amazing ice fog power lines and the auroras and shooting stars of my last night in Barrow, last Friday. On the road for now. Hope you have happy holidays and safe travels! Best, Jay

S N B said...

Wow! Amazing. I am sure I have little concept, but thanks for some.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the Duck...

Sandcastle Momma said...

Those shots are beautiful! You really do live in a winter wonderland.
They made me wonder though - do you have a generator for power? It's hard to imagine power lines being able to stand that kind of cold.

Floridacracker said...

Wow! That is cold! Your pictures are awesome.

Kimberlee said...

I'm so excited to hear about your travel and blogging. I had no idea! I look forward to reading about your adventure!

I hope you DON'T ever experience this kind of frost down your way. That would be tough on all your beautiful vegetation and put a stop to those dinners on the screen porch! :)

Yeah, he's pretty much in disguise at present. I'm worried that he may get mowed down by a snow machine at any time. I still want to post about that cute little reindeer you have on your blog!

Sandcastle Momma...
Good question! The school does have a separate generator, but the building I live in does not. About four years ago, one of the other North Slope villages had lines down (in January) and many people had to move into the school until the problem could be solved. It's something that I think about, but try not to worry about. I will be buying my own generator soon, but it will only be enough to keep the heat on...not much else.

Thanks! I read about your recent brush with colder temps. Not arctic cold, but certainly cold enough!

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

GORGEOUS. I, too, thought it was the duck.
Stay warm!!!