Thursday, March 18, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday

Frosty Fantasia

When I decided to post a favorite photo on Fridays, I didn't intend it as a fall back or substitute for actual posting. But time for blogging and internet connections that'll support it don't seem to working in sync right now. So...for now..this is what I've got.

This amazing scene adorned my window about a week ago. I have no idea how frost can form in so many different shapes and patterns...all within inches of each other. When I loaded this shot onto Flickr, I titled it Frosty Fantasia. Being uncertain of the exact meaning of the word "fantasia," I looked it up.

fantasia |fanˈtā zh ə; fantəˈzēə|
a musical composition with a free form and often an improvisatory style.
• a musical composition that is based on several familiar tunes.
• a thing that is composed of a mixture of different forms or styles.

If music could be frozen...wouldn't it look something like this?


Jackie said...


Clare said...

Music would indeed look very much like that frozen.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

it reminds me of feathers, and Queen Anne's Lace, and dandelion fuzzys blowing away. Very neat.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture... I wish it was mine!

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it!!!

Very exquisite


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo--did you color or manipulate it at all? No matter, just a gorgeous photo and a beautiful comment. Frozen music--or music just about to break free.

Kimberlee said...

Jackie, Clare, Trudie, Tammy...
Thank you for your encouraging comments. I'm glad you see the beauty that I do in those crystals.

Yes, very much like feathers. I have another shot that zoomed in on the feathery formations and they look a lot like moths or butterflies or something.

No, no enhancement of any kind. I did save a copy as black & white, but decided to post the original instead. The yellow cast is coming from the streetlight outside. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/questions!