Monday, January 23, 2012

Equinox Paradox

A funny thing (always) happens on the way to the Equinox.

Just when the sun begins to creep a few degrees toward Spring (and you think things are going to warm up), that's when the real cold sets in.

Wind from the SSE (160 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 KT)
Visibility 10 mile(s)
Sky conditions clear
Temperature -47 F (-44 C)
Windchill -70 F (-57 C)

More of the same is forecast for the week.

Winter never relents without a fight and it'll be stirring things up for months to come.

Fortunately, for me, staying warm won't be a problem. Nothing is toastier than a traditional fur-lined parka and I've got one (with a brand new cover)!

Quyanaq to Kate for the beautiful new atik├Žuk! You did an excellent job!

(By the way, the photo at the top of the page was taken with my nifty new camera that takes cool panoramic photos. Click on the pic to see a larger image).


Allmycke said...

I would almost give my eye teeth for a parka like that - even if some ani-fur people around here would go into spasms...
We have the same type of weather here, although not as bitterly cold. So far this winter it's never been below -25C, but now that the days are getting longer the temperature is going down and down...

Kimberlee said...


So great to hear from you! Yes, I imagine that you can relate to our weather very well. I've only recently been reconnected to the internet...I feel like I've missed so much! I need to check in and see what new and amazing photos you've added to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Great Parka!
Glad I don't need one.