Friday, May 23, 2008

Here We Go...


About a month ago, a package of warning signs was delivered to the maintenance office at school...just in time for break-up. Break-up is that nebulous segment of spring that defies hard and fast description. Things begin to melt. But then they freeze again. Sometimes things actually seem to re-freeze while they're still melting. Factor in a little wind and a dusting of fresh snow every couple of days and you get a time of year that could be characterized as consistently...inconsistent.

But the result can be glorious...

odd icicles 3

Or a little frightening...

Sliding 011

May 2008 074

Sometimes it's more like a blanket edging its way off the bed...

snow sliding 1

...or simply a delicate whisper of things to come.

icicle shadow

Break-up reminds me of a baby bird, chipping its way out of its egg. Progress is slow because the shell is strong. But the strength of the shell is no match for the life that is determined to burst forth. It will burst forth.

But things are going to get really messy in the process.


lesle said...

NSBSD: North Slope ??? School District?

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Lesle. The "B" stands for borough. Part of Alaska is divided into organized boroughs, as most states are divided into counties. The North Slope Borough, though not the most populated, is the largest borough area-wise and was formed only 36 years ago! The transition that this area and people have experienced in such a short time is nothing short of phenomenal!

Wikipedia has an interesting chart of Alaska's boroughs and census areas here. It illustrates just how young this ancient land is from a political standpoint.

lesle said...

Thank you, Kimberlee.

Here's a site you and your students might want to look at, and search for references to Alaska:

Strange Maps

Kimberlee said...

Lesle, thank you so much for the link! What an interesting site! I really enjoy maps, in general, and the humor as well as the information found on Strange Maps is amazing. I spent a long time there and will surely return. :)

Steve said...

Those are some amazing curling icicles. I wonder why they form like that.

Kimberlee said...

They are amazing, aren't they, Steve? I'm sure wind has something to do with it, but it still mystifies me.

When I was taking those pictures, I realized that I was standing directly UNDER the icicles, in direct opposition to the warning signs that are posted. Of course, I wasn't PARKING, but the thought did cross my mind that it would be pretty embarrassing if one fell and hit me on the head. I guess I'd have a dented hood! Okay, bad joke. :)

I did notice, on my way home, that ALL of the icicles were gone! So I guess the possibility of one landing on my head wasn't so far fetched after all.

lesle said...

Drake Borough

I rediscovered this, and Borough now has more meaning to me, prompted by a post on another of my six favorite blogs (Fops and Dandies).

Here's more on forgotten Disney and Duckburg:

The Lives and Times in Duckburg
Who's Who In Duckburg
Donald Duck Family Tree
Other Information and Links

I always preferred Donald Duck to Micky Mouse, but my favorite Disney character was Gyro Gearloose, more at Gyro Gearloose; as a young'un coming up I dreamed of being an inventor.

I know this is rather far afield, but it's a largely forgotten Disney nowadays, and I hope you enjoy it.