Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Method & Madness

Over the course of the year, things can pile up. The process begins gradually and harmlessly enough, but the influx of even small things can be relentless!

May 2008 111

At first, you just feel silly for getting a little behind.


Then, before you know it, you're in over your head!


So you start gathering everything together in neater, more organized, piles.




And that helps for a while.
In fact, some people don't even seem to mind the clutter!




But, eventually, life turns up the heat and the pile system...

May 2008 245

...just doesn't cut it.

May 2008 260

You're left feeling really swamped.

May 2008 290

That's when it's time to do some spring cleaning!
So you go through the piles a little at a time...

moving snow 3

...gather up any additional accumulation...

moving snow 4

...make a clean sweep...

May 2008 158

...and dump it all in storage!

May 2008 159

May 2008 160

And that's spring cleaning in Atqasuk.
All photos were taken during the months of April and May, except for photos #2 and #3. Those were taken earlier in the year. Click on any photo for a larger image or to see more.


lesle said...


Conceptual Metaphor at its best.

Kimberlee said...

LOL! Thanks, Lesle. It sounds like you've had some experience with spring cleaning too! ;)

Mongoose said...

You're too funny. :)

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Mongoose. Maybe "spring cleaning" strikes a chord with you as well? :)

Bryan said...

So, the spring "cleaning" actually makes things look dirtier, correct? Although I know a couple of kids (okay, at least 3 if you count the big kid) around here who would love a crack at the accumulated pile! :)

Rm said...

I'm doing a little spring cleaning myself, but it's nothing compared to yours. : ) Cader is dying to dig in the big pile of snow behind your house! Thanks for sharing your cleaning photos. Rubber boots would definitely have to be one of your main items needed for "cleaning" in your neighborhood. : )

Kimberlee said...

Well, Bryan, the effort to move snow away from buildings prevents some of the mess that is inevitable when everything begins to melt. But when the loaders are scraping the snow away, they often grab a layer of dirt as well (which is why the piles in "storage" are all dirty).

The first year that I lived here, they didn't do a good job of moving the snow ahead of break-up for some reason and this place went under water very quickly. The houses are all on pilings, so it's not like anyone was flooded, but I did have ducks swimming just below my bedroom window! It was pretty crazy. :)

Kimberlee said...

Yeah, RM, rubber boots are pretty much a staple around here. And, as for the snow behind my house, it's going to be here for a while, I think. Cader would really have enjoyed the snow caves that the kids made a while back. And my house has a GREAT sliding hill right behind it. I'VE even flown down it a few times. (It is a killer to climb back up in deep snow, though).

Anyway, good luck with YOUR spring cleaning! :)