Monday, July 21, 2008

Off Slope: Bike Trip Update 2

The morning began with a light drizzle which later became a stiff rain accompanied by lots of wind.  I didn't mind being wet until my shoes started slurping. 

After lunch I missed a turn-off and rode 14 kilometers (almost nine miles) out of the way.
Embarrassing, but not discouraging.  I'm considering it a private excursion.  :)  

The hills persistently remind me that I am a beginning cyclist and this is an advanced course.
The view at the top of each hill reminds me that this is an awesome opportunity.  And I'm thankful to be here.

Tomorrow a tropical storm is supposed to blow through.
It may be a good day to experience the grandeur of the Cabot Trail...from the van.  :)


Rm said...

When you say you consider a 9 mile trek in the wrong direction "your own personal excursion", where were the other riders? Are there times you're by yourself?

Do you have an area that you can compare the hills to for me to know what you're going through? Like the Natchitoches area? (The hills before you get there.) Or Teledo Bend? When you discribed this trip originally, it was enjoying meals in inns, relaxed rides and staying in a B & B. Is any of that happening? Or was that the trip that got cancelled? Questions, questions, I know. But I can't help wondering what it's like besides the hills that have to be faced each day.

Take care. Love you!

Kimberlee said...

Yes, there are times when I'm by myself. When I missed the turn, I was not far behind two other riders, but I was distracted by cars coming off a bridge at the base of the hill that I was flying down. There was a sign, but I was focusing on the cars...not the sign...which is why it's embarrassing. But it worked out alright. I realized I'd missed the turn within about 4.5 miles and turned around.

I'll have to think about a hill comparison. I know that the ones that I tried in North Carolina were a walk in the park compared to these, but that doesn't help you much. As for the hills in's hard to say. They're so much different when you're driving them rather than biking.

The accommodations are EXCELLENT. The meals have been great. The guides are wonderful too. I heard some AMAZING Gaelic Fiddling tonight. It was a blast. Everything is going well other than the rain and the challenge of climbing hills. Maybe I've talked about that too much. I'll be sharing about all the good stuff eventually. I just don't have time to do it right, so I thought I'd just let everyone know that I'm still alive with brief updates. :)

Sorry if I worried you. More later...

Jackie said...

Wow! I've been away for a while (from the computer) and I just caught up on your last 3 all sounds sooooooo wonderful! The people, the scenery, the experiences, the fun...I want to see some of those blackmail videos. I'm so glad you've been able to this internet.


Steve said...

This trip is turning into more of an adventure for you than even the organizers promised. Next year they'll come out with a new bicycle model, the "Kimberlee." Its main feature will be handlebar GPS service: "Turn left in point-three kilometer. Try not to tump over."

Kimberlee said...

I'm excited about being able to share things as they happen too. It's been a blast...even the challenging part. Of course, when i get back to your house I'll have to subject you to all the photos that don't make it to the blog! :) Love you!

You are SO funny! Actually, until they come up with a GPS that says, "TURN AROUND. YOU MISSED YOUR TURN, DUMMY!" I'd have a hard time endorsing one on a bike. :)