Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off Slope: Bike Trip Update 4


Here's a glimpse of one of the non-biking experiences from the Evangeline Trail.  We rode our bikes down to a little village called Tiddville, ferried across the harbor, and met Captain Tom for a blast across the ocean on his Zodiac.

These lovely suits doubled as protection from wind/water AND flotation devices.  We all felt like we were embarking on a mission to outer space!

Our actual mission was a search for whales...always an exciting proposition.  Can't you see the anticipation on fellow-cyclist Greg's face?  I snapped this shot literally moments before he stripped off his hat and plunged his head over the side of the Zodiac and into the icy ocean water.  

Have I mentioned lately that I find boys (even big ones) fascinating?

Our search was rewarded almost immediately.  After sighting a few porpoises and seals, Captain Tom zeroed in on two humpbacks, a cow and calf, peacefully "grazing" on krill (although he did say that the calf might have still been nursing).

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Here's a short clip from our whale watch.  You may want to medicate yourself with some Dramamine before's not easy to hold a camera steady with waves sloshing to and fro.

The humpbacks were graceful and at ease in the sea.  Having done a few whale tours in previous years, I was extremely impressed with Captain Tom and his craft in that the impact on the whales seemed to be minimal.  At one point, the calf rolled and floated on the surface waiting for its mother to return from a dive.  It didn't appear to be bothered by our presence at all.

It was impossible to watch them without being touched by their gentle magnificence.  

Just as the roadside sign had promised, it truly was a "Cousteau-esque" experience!


Jamie said...

I am so jealous! It reminds me of Donn and I's whalewatching trip in Bar Harbor, Maine. It was cold out on the ocean and we saw NOTHING, even after two trips! I considered pushing Donn overboard with my camera ready, but refrained. I wish I could have been there!!!

Kimberlee said...

I know you would have loved it, Jamie. I wish you could have been there too! :) We saw lots of seals as well...I'll try to share some of those pix soon.

I'm sure Donn was grateful that you re-thought the pushing overboard idea!

It's great to hear from you! We need to catch up sometime soon...before school starts? I'll be home August starts for teachers on August 13th.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberlee,

You put that Dramamine comment in there for me and my kids, I just know it! I am living vicariously through my adventurous friend.

Laurie (Hill)