Monday, January 19, 2009

Almost There


Cloud cover broke on Saturday revealing, for a few short moments, a slim stretch of southern sky, ablaze with long-forgotten glory. I stood on a snowy hill captivated by the brilliance and intensity. Nuna seemed to be yawning, stretching a little, stirring from her long winter nap. Her eyes fluttered, but never completely opened.

Not yet.

Tomorrow, I think. Or maybe the next day.

The faint breeze was warm enough to prompt lowering my parka hood, yet cold enough to make me sorry that I'd done it. Ears stinging, I lifted my hood and walked eastward, toward the river where snow fences stand at attention, while the building breeze nudged me from behind.


By the time I reached the snow fences, only a few minutes later, the wind was already picking up and kicking up lots of snow.



Heading home, I passed the spot where I'd just taken pictures of the sunlight. Gone were the oranges, purples, and pinks. Nuna's eyes had shut tight again with the covers pulled up over her head.

Not today.

Not yet.

Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after.


Riders on snow machines raced around the village, hunkering down against the sting of blowing snow. I was actually enjoying the wind and the tapping sound of snow pelting my parka.


I held tightly to my dog's leash as the wind whipped it sideways with ferocious jerks. I smiled at the (silly) thought of my dog, if only a few pounds lighter, suddenly becoming airborne like a kite.
It could happen.


Judging by his pace, as he struggled to get back home, I think my dog might have had the same idea.


But, somehow, he didn't seem at all amused.



Floridacracker said...

Beautiful glimpse into your wintery conditions too!

I'm in awe of dog paws and fur.
Such a great face on your pup!

Kimberlee said...

Hey, FC!
Thank you! And I agree with you about the dog fur and paws. In fact, many dogs (my dog included) grow extra long fur between their toes in the winter. I think my dog was more unhappy with the snow hitting his eyes than being cold. :)

Steve said...

Great photo essay, Kimberlee. I'm still fascinated with your snow fences. I would like to get something like that for here...artificial cemetery flower fences.

I took Faulkner out in the snow today, but he didn't get all iced-up like Rudy.

Bryan said...

We got to enjoy the sound of snow pelting the hood this week! I can imagine how entrancing the glimmer of light can be after such a season of cover and darkness. Thank you for the words and the pictures! :)

Kimberlee said...

Hey, Steve.
I had no idea that artificial flowers were such a problem. I have to say, the mental picture my mind has conjured is pretty comical, but I'm sure it's not so funny when mowing the grass, etc. :)

Hi there, Bryan.
I am so happy that you guys FINALLY got some snow, even if only a little. I hope it was fun.

Thank you both for your kind comments!

kristina said...

What a funny image of a dog flying like a kite. Your photos are fascinating. To me it seems so strange that the sun doesn't come up, just that eerie blue light. I think that would be hard to get used to. How long have you lived there? Your dog's expression says a lot. I hope you get sun soon.

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Kristina!
I moved to Atqasuk in July of 2002. The darkness isn't as big a deal as it may seem to be. I actually kind of enjoy it. With all the sunlight that we get during the rest of the year, it feels good to be forced to stay inside a little more. Of course, school doesn't allow for much down-time anyway, but when the sun is shining all the time (like so much of the year) it almost seems wasteful to go to bed...and many people DON'T! Now THAT can mess with your mind! :)

I think the kite image popped into my head because I have had the experience of pulling a sled that DID fly into the air in that way. The wind was blowing so hard that I had to just hang onto it while it flipped and flopped in the air behind me, just above the level of my head. That was kind of funny too.

My dog is ALWAYS excited to get outside. That day he had just had enough of getting pelted in the eyes. He's twelve and a half years old, so he's holding up pretty well, considering.

Thanks for saying hello!

Lore said...

yup. i'm feeling you there! i wake groggily every morning--hoping that TODAY will be the day that it's light out at 6:30am. of course I know it won't be, but one can always hope.

S N B said...

Beautiful images: words and pictures. That is one cold little face.

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Lore!
It won't be long before the sun is almost a bother, so I don't mind that it returns a little at a time.

Hope you get your bright mornings soon. :)

Thank you so much! And, yes, it was a very cold face. I suspect his eyes were stinging as well. He NEVER would have wanted to go inside otherwise. :)