Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cool Rays


According to the Weather Underground sticker on the sidebar, we enjoyed three hours and fifteen minutes of sunlight today. That doesn't include ambient light, of course. On the Weather Underground website, they also report that the sun's time above the horizon is currently increasing at a rate of 14 minutes and 53 seconds per day. That increase does vary some from day to day....strange, but true.

Also, I would say those numbers are close, but not exact, for Atqasuk. Weather Underground reports our weather conditions and moon/sunlight using Barrow airport information which isn't always accurate down here (55 miles southwest of Barrow).

I like to get my weather info from NOAA (see weather link in sidebar) because those readings are taken hourly with instruments that are actually at our airport. Their numbers always jibe with my home thermometer and I like that! But I haven't found any sunlight information from that source, so I've kept the Weather Underground sticker on the sidebar. And it's pretty close.

The point of all this is...
We're gaining sunlight quickly! It won't be long before sunglasses are standard gear and aluminum foil graces windows all over town.

As the next photo illustrates, a little sunlight brings out the frisky in everyone...even, maybe especially, at twenty below.



S N B said...

You make me realize how much I take the sun for granted.
Shame on me!
Thank you for the lesson.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's mind blowing! Combined with the cold, I would be going absolutely insane ...

Kimberlee said...

Thanks for visiting! Don't feel bad about all your sunshine. I'm afraid that unbearable heat will be there all too soon. Heat and humidity take the "shine" out of a sunny day for me (unless there's a nice breeze). Enjoy your rays!

I know, it's not for everyone. As long as everything behaves itself and continues to run properly, it's not really as bad as it sounds. But when things go wrong...they can get ugly very quickly. Thanks for saying hello!


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