Friday, July 10, 2009

Alaska Geographic

A couple of days ago, I caught the last half of a program on PBS previewing the new Ken Burns documentary about America's National Parks. Although I only saw part of the preview, what I did get to see was excellent! I can't wait to view the entire twelve-part series.

Yesterday, I received an email from Alaska Geographic highlighting
Ken Burns' visit to Anchorage for a special presentation of his documentary. All the proceeds from this event were dedicated to supporting Alaska Geographic and the National Parks Conservation Foundation.

That reminded me that, although I've had a little blurb on my sidebar for a long time describing
North Slope Now one book in the excellent Alaska Geographic series, I've never really taken the time to point out what a great resource Alaska Geographic's website is for anyone interested in learning more about Alaska or experiencing The Great Land for themselves.

The website has free,
downloadable travel guides and a terrific bookstore with more titles than I could ever list on my blog such as, One Man's Wilderness, the story of Richard Proenneke's Alaskan experience that began as a one-year experiment and became a thirty-year adventure. There is a companion DVD available as well which was developed from the diary and film clips that Proenneke recorded during his time there. Just watching him build a log cabin from scratch, all on his own, is worth the price of the DVD!

If Alaska has ever held any fascination for you, Alaska Geographic is a great place to begin an exciting adventure of your own!


Bryan said...

I'm really looking forward to the National Parks series also. I've been curious about checking out the Alaska websites that you have listed for a long time, but I have spent NO time on the computer lately. I may have to Make some! :-)

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Bryan! Good to hear from you! I understand about not having time on the computer. I do hope you get to check out Alaska Geographic at some point, though, because it's really a good one. As I mentioned, there are free, downloadable travel guides...hint, hint, hint!

Bryan said...

Hmmm, do I want to use a Third Party travel guide, or a Live someone that has a Personal perspective?? :-)