Saturday, August 15, 2009

Familiar Story with a Twist

Whether we like it or not, the carefree fun of summer is just about played out. But don't despair! The cold winds of autumn have blown a new game into town.


Okay, not such a new game. Most of the U.S., of course, has had a long-standing and intimate relationship with American football for many decades. But, here in the Arctic, that hasn't always been the case.

Arctic football was instituted on the North Slope about two or three years ago amid the rumble of an extremely controversial storm. Even today, sensible points of view on either side of the argument still elicit heated discussion within certain circles across the Slope.

Yet, the games play on.

In Barrow, the teams are average-sized, in most respects, with plenty of players to fill each position on the field, but the village teams are smaller, in both size and number, and tend to be less typical in other ways as well.

Village schools play "eight-man football," a version with slightly different rules, making play more feasible and fun for the smaller teams. Even before the official first day of school for students, our local team has been practicing. A jamboree is on the horizon and our Eagles hope to soar.

In spite of temperatures in the thirties and cold mist chilling most faces, an enthusiastic desire to learn and improve keeps bodies moving while the dirt flies.

Nothing special or unique in any of that, I guess. Football teams across the country are all doing much the same thing.

The cool thing is, on our team, about a third of the guys...

...aren't guys at all!

Our Secret Weapons!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots of football players and a twist that makes me smile - glad I lived long enough to see girls playing football and loving it!

-Becky Crabtree

Kimberlee said...

Thanks, Becky! Glad you thawed out after all that intense cheering from the sidelines this weekend. Aren't you glad basketball is an indoor sport? :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Rudy and some fun...ya'll had long shadows. My Mom just mentioned shorter days. I told her to check out your blog.

Cami said...

Love this! The kids are having fun and it's so great that the girls are involved too!

Kimberlee said...

Rudy does love getting to take a walk. I have to keep him on the leash more these days because he overexerts himself and pays for it later if I don't keep him reigned in a little. Yes, when it's not cloudy, the shadows are getting longer every day. Thanks for saying hello!

Nice to "meet" you! I agree with you, it's great that the girls are allowed to participate. In fact, our girls are essential to the team and sometimes out-perform their male team mates. There is a very amiable atmosphere between students with team sports up here. It's more about team and less about individual accolades. It's fun to watch.

kristina said...

I can't believe summer is almost done. It seems like it just got here. Temps in the thirties? Is it hard to adjust to the climate? It is cool that the girls play too.

Anonymous said...

I guess the chicks that have too much testosterone need an outlet for their manhood. If you can let guys in ballet, it is only fair.