Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cool Ride

Today has been a lazy day. Well, maybe it's just me that's been lazy. The last several weeks have been draining and fighting with this uncooperative internet connection isn't adding any energy to the coffer. After struggling with it for a few hours, I’m thinking there is only one way to handle this.

It’s time to take a nap!

I've had these video clips for a few weeks now, but haven't been able to edit them because of the internet issue. I've finally decided that I want to share them slightly more than I want to control the final product.

So, here goes.

My voice is really irritating (sorry) and would have been edited out if it weren't for the stubborn slowness of my connection, but maybe the cute kids will make up for that. I enjoyed watching them have fun.

I hope that you will, too.


Dawn said...

Thanks! What good fun to see the old homestead! Sure is dark. I am now spoiled by the bright Fairbanks sunshine, but I know it won't be long before you have more of it than we do.

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Dawn! Great to hear from you! It is still dark a good bit of the time, especially when it's cloudy. But the sunshine is adding up quickly. And, you're right, we'll have plenty of that blinding brightness before long.

Bryan said...

Looks like Too much fun! I love the touch of ending up on the house all lit up!

Jo said...

Oh you DO have a blog! When I first read your email I thought "her name sounds so familiar..." and I'm glad to put a voice and face to the dear woman who emailed me!
Your video has made me long for snow, and marvel at the beauty you are surrounded by in Alaska. Your blog is indeed a delightful place of rest and inspiration, and I'm certainly going to explore your blog some more!
Cheers, my friend!
- Jo

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Bryan! Yeah, I can only imagine the blast my sisters and I would have had if we'd owned something like that mini-skidoo when we were kids. Of course, I did ride a mini-bike once (a really tiny Honda-50) and ran it into a tree, so maybe I'd have ended up in a snowbank somewhere! LOL! :)

That house is in one of the photos from the "tour" of the village. I kind of like that they've left the Christmas lights up. It definitely cheers things up until we get more sunlight around here.

Hey, thanks for saying hello! I hope you're enjoying your trip!

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Jo! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it's been a while since we chatted before. I'm glad you found your way to my blog! I do hope you'll visit again! :)

Sarah said...

Now that looks like fun! Wish I had one of those for the snow here. I loved seeing a snippet of life up there, thanks! And hey, your voice wasn't irritating at all! Hope the nap was very refreshing...

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Sarah! I'm glad you enjoyed the little slice of arctic life. :) I guess my irritation with my voice stems from the fact that the skidoo was SO LOUD that I really had to shout and (even then) the kids couldn't hear me, so I ended up repeating myself a lot. Oh, well. Not a whole lot of quality control involved with a few seconds of video, huh? :) Thanks for saying hello!

Laurie B =D said...

I'll have to view this when we're hooked up to "real" internet. Dial-up doesn't show but a bit at a time and Someone didn't bother to show it to me when we had access this weekend. Snowmobiles Are fun!

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Laurie! I definitely understand about SLOOOOOOW connections! :(

Videos always load in spurts for me too. But, once it's all downloaded, I can usually hit play again and it will run smoothly.

Although my connection is super slow at times, it's not dial-up, so I don't know if it would work that way for you or not.

Thanks for giving it a try, though! :)

Laurie said...


I loved the video AND hearing your sweet voice. It made me smile on a very slow-moving Monday morning!

Love you!

Kimberlee said...

Hey, Laurie H! You are too kind concerning my voice on that video, but I'll accept that kindness with pleasure! I'm so glad you were able to stop by and say hello! Love you, too! Kiss all the chickens for me! :)