Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Culprits

As many of you quickly determined, the Towers of Peesa (thanks, Laurie!) were created by my four-footed companions, Rudy and Precious. When they are not busy proliferating towers in the snow, they love being able to run around in the white stuff on the pond in front of my house. These two video clips are from last spring. Judging from the dark road and dirty snow, I'd say it was late April or early May. I apologize for having to embed each clip separately. The YouTube remixer is down and it doesn't appear that it will be on the mend any time soon. As you will see, the wind tends to stir up a lot of friskiness and I don't think that's just a dog thing!



Steve said...

They really look like they're having fun. Cool dogs.

Kimberlee said...

Thanks, Steve. They do really love to be able to run around without restraint and this is a good place for doing that. The pond is great while it's frozen because it's much more even and doesn't have those annoying trenches that the tundra does. I take them out every couple of days, but it's usually after I get home and too dark (at this point) for I used these old clips. Thanks for stopping by! :)