Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That Time of Year

View from my  window

Just when you get the challenges of darkness figured out, the planet goes and shifts on you and there's a whole new set of anomalies to deal with. Keeps life interesting, I guess.

This is a copy of the semi-annual "disclaimer" that we received in our school district email today. I thought some of you might find it interesting or amusing...or both.


Subject: AT&T Alascom Network Advisory

Please note that AT&T Alascom satellite facilities will be experiencing sun related service degradations as a result of the alignment of the sun with our telecommunications satellite and ground stations. Sun outages occur for a few days semi-annually when our satellite passes directly between the antenna on earth and the sun. Radio frequency noise from the sun is stronger than the desired signal from the satellite, resulting in a brief service interruption.

Beginning 2/21/2008 and ending 3/5/2008, customers may experience noise or service interruptions. The most likely time for these interruptions will be between 12:13 AST/21:13 GMT and 12:34 AST/ 21:34 / GMT. Different areas will be affected on different dates and times during this period.

AT&T Alascom customers who experience fading or interruptions during these sun outages may contact the AT&T Alascom Client Solutions Center for assistance by dialing 1 800 403-9234.

That last sentence seems a little goofy to me...are they actually offering assistance with telecommunication outages via phone? :)

Another view from my classroom...Check out that sunshine!

front deck at school

Last Feb's sunset...reflecting on frozen pond in front of my house


Bryan said...

Ahh, but it is empowering to know that while an act of nature (God) is causing you an inconvenience, YOU have the power to Do something about it! "Watch Ethel, if I keep dialing this phone number long enough, I may not get through to anybody, but I'm making the sun problem go away!"

Kimberlee said...

Yeah, Bryan, I'm just giddy with that feeling of empowerment! LOL!