Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Spring Chicken

March 7, 2008

It’s a precarious existence, standing guard all alone, but the playground duck has endured yet another Arctic winter while remaining relatively intact. His head, if not his shoulders, is still well above the snow, though he is sporting a few extra scuff marks on his skin of chipping paint. It’s a sad reality that harsh elements are only part of the challenge he faces each winter. The drifts that build up around him have proven to be an irresistible sort of obstacle course for snow machine riders looking for an airborne thrill. Skidoo tracks are clear evidence that poor ducky has been ploughed over on more than one occasion. Thankfully, he is flexible and still appears to be attached to his base, but I’m skeptical about his fate as snow removal season draws near. If skidoo riders are oblivious to his plight, I’m not sure that snow pushers will be any different. So I’m paying tribute to my little friend while he’s still firmly planted. He has served faithfully (if unconsciously) as a visible weather indicator for the last six months. Hopefully, he’ll make it through break-up without a break-up of his own!

March 7, 2008

March 7, 2008


Bryan said...

The paint chipping around his eyes almost look like tears. Having not been able to perform his main calling in life for several months now, he looks lonely and ready for snow melt and the return of his happy friends.

Steve said...

Are y'all TRYING to make me cry?

Laurie said...

Lonely quacker in the snow,
Wondering where his friends did go.
Looks as if with better weather
They'll once again be birds of a feather.

Kimberlee said...

Bryan...They do look like tears! But his eyes seem more fearful than sad to me. :) Maybe because he's seen the snow movers working all around him and he knows the moment of truth is near. Dum-da-dum-dum! :(

Steve...I can't speak for Bryan, but I certainly wasn't trying to make you cry. However...if I'd known that I COULD...I might have been tempted! ;)

Laurie...I initially assumed that Bryan was responsible for the poem (he HAS been known to do that kid of thing, after all). But, now I know that it was all YOU! It's becoming clear that you two are the REAL "birds of a feather!" Thanks for the creative and amusing response! Too cute. :)