Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Comes Riding

arctic desert 1

Winter has planted a pretty big footprint across the land, but there is a rumor going 'round that Spring isn't intimidated. She slipped in today, quietly riding on slices of sunlight. Wind weary drifts and snowflakes tired of shivering glistened their approval without reservation. They know that Spring will set them free from their frozen confinement. Tiny seeds that Summer left behind are oblivious in their slumber. No worry. Spring will eventually pull back the covers and they'll awaken soon enough.


arctic desert 7

arctic desert 12

arctic desert 11

arctic desert 4

arctic desert 5

arctic desert 9


Bryan said...

Stunning photos! Love your capturing of the light and the textures! People who do not Live around snow, sometimes just see a blanket of white, and can miss the endless variation that it can provide!

Steve said...

Truly beautiful writing and photography, Kimberlee! So artistic.

Anonymous said...

Ok Kim! That sounds like the opening of a best seller novel. So when are you going to write a book already? I don't even know where to begin with all of the pictures. You should be writing a novel and making money with a travel magazine or something for all of your awesome photos. I miss you! Have a great Easter! Kippi

Kimberlee said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I agree that there is a lot of texture with snow and ice that is overlooked or simply not visible from a distance. Some of that texture is the result of wind blowing/carving packed snow or often fresh snow covering pushed snow. Then there is always the interesting effect of frost formation on top of snow. I would really like to be able to get clear photos of ice crystals and snowflakes. We'll see. :) Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Steve.
Spring is so different here. It's never a bursting-out kind of thing. It's very subtle, yet persistent, with incremental changes occuring every day. In fact, we won't even see any flowers until June! Thanks for your very kind comments about my little paragraph. I really appreciate hearing what you think, so thanks for sharing!

Kimberlee said...

Hey, Kippi. Girl, you are SO funny! But, I do appreciate your faith in me and willingness to see potential! :) I hope you all have a wonderful Easter too. Send me some photos...I know there will be plenty of photo ops! You need to check out the new blog that Jackie has started for our family. Her baby is now TWO and her birthday was March 17th (the party is on there)! You, Kim, and Rusty should do something like this! I would love being able to see ALL of your chicks in one easily accessed location (no, not a henhouse!). Think about it. If you click on my name at the top of this message, that should take you to our new site. Love you! Stay in touch!