Wednesday, March 5, 2008


March 2008 025

A snack-craving boy needs money in his pocket, a stir-crazy dog needs to get out of the house, an exhausted dog owner needs a few moments of dog-free tranquility in her life. A symbiotic relationship? I'm thinking...definitely yes!

Wintering with an energetic, two-year-old, lab mix that thinks the world is her own personal chew toy makes the challenge of living in the Arctic seem like a walk in the spring...eating an ice cream cone.

Excavating the doghouse has been long overdue. Some time apart will be good for everyone involved, even if only a few minutes each day. The exhausted dog owner will be able to talk on the phone, work on the computer, or (dare we hope?) eat a meal in relative peace. And the stir-crazy dog will be able to sit in the sun, bark at any and all passers by to see her third birthday!

Of course, the excavation required a hefty chunk of change. Even a snack-craving boy doesn't come cheap these days. But, I must admit, he wasn't nearly as expensive as, say, my almost new hiking shoes...or my handmade beaver mittens. Too bad I didn't think of that a little sooner.


The snow removal was actually started last week when the borough came by with a dozer...or some other kind of snow pushing machine. They moved as much of the drift as they could without hitting the connex, my fuel tank, or the doghouse. They actually did think they'd hit my porch (I got a phone call at school). It turned out that they had just scraped up a piece of plywood that was on the ground in front of my porch. No harm done. (Whew!). By the time I took these photos, my snack-craving boy had already shaved a foot and a half of snow off the top of the doghouse and had dug out an opening to the doorway.

March 2008 023

The connex is a storage container that was converted into an apartment. I just use it for storage, but since the doors open on the end, it's not usually accessible in the winter without a lot of effort. This time the effort wasn't mine. And it was worth every penny!

March 2008 024

Anybody need a, size seven, almost new, (right foot) hiking shoe? I seem to have one that I can't use anymore.

March 2008 099

I also have a (right hand) beaver mitten without a mate. Although, I may be able to repair the damaged one...I'm not sure.

Look at that nose creeping into the photo! She's got some nerve, huh?

March 2008 096


lesle said...

And to complete one possible circle, the boy will feed some of the snacks to the dog?

Great post, Kimberlee, I'm lovin' it.

(btw, I left a short response down at "Heart Day".)

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Lesle. Nice to hear from you. I don't know if the boy would be willing to give up his highly prized (and hard earned) snacks, but I have NO DOUBT that the dog would beg relentlessly if given the opportunity! And she's pretty hard to turn down. :)

Laurie said...

Hi Kimberlee!
We can rather relate to the stir-crazy dog(s)! What I wouldn't give some days to have a fenced in yard, so we could just open the door and let the dogs run til their tongues hang out! But they do that anyway on leashes, usually dragging me behind them. We didn't think at the time to take pictures of the remainder of our stuff post-dog. They would show the extremely good taste our doggies exhibit - the DVD cover of National Treasure, a library book on Henry VIII, the right shoe of a pair of Liz Claiborne heels, and a Narada Decade CD. They're also readers, as several Wall St. Journals were devoured and/or shredded cover to cover. No hot stock tips forthcoming, however.

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Laurie! LOL! The only reason I was able to take pictures of these two items is because they are recent victims. All the books, magazines, CD cases (hard plastic!), even the rug that USED to be in my living room have all gone the way of the dumpster. I'm still debating about whether or not the hiking shoe and beaver mitten can somehow be they are still around. I know people must be thinking that I just leave these items laying around the house within easy reach, but the truth is I have no idea how Precious gets hold of some of these things. The magazines, yes, I often leave them on the coffee table, but books and clothes, etc...those things are (supposedly) safely out of reach. One time she actually chewed the telephone cord WHILE I was on the phone! She a BAAAAAAAD girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of puppyhood!!! Lets see I still have an antique rocker that has a rocker chewed from a point to a rounded nub. Coffeetable books on Plantation Homes of La. with the corner chewed. MIA, one on flowers and herbs, and another I treasured but now can't remember the name. Have you tried some Bitter Apple? I know you don't have petsmart down the road. It works pretty good. tammy

Kimberlee said...

Hi, Tammy. It sounds like you know whereof I speak. :) Don't EVEN get me started on furniture and books!

Although we don't have access to a store here, the internet has proven to be a wonderful equalizer (at times). How does the Bitter Apple stuff work? Do you have to spray it on any & everything that you don't want to be chewed? That might be quite a job! Hey, it was great hearing from you. Thanks for saying hello!

Steve said...

That sounds like a very good symbiotic relationship to me, too. Maybe the boy is a candidate for dog sitter when you need that sometime. Great pictures and account. Hate to see you lose those nice Merrells.

Kimberlee said...

Thanks, Steve. I'm glad you had a chance to stop by. Hope that means you're feeling better.

I'm sort of recycling my shoes. The chewed shoe can't be tied, so they won't work for hiking anymore. But my bike pedals have teeth for traction and I've been slipping on my chewed up shoes when I ride. It works and is a slight consolation as I begin the search for new hiking shoes. :)

I've considered hiring the boy as a dog-sitter. I'll have to see if his summer schedule is compatible with mine.

Jo said...

Oh how I wish I could have had a dose of snow this year! Your lovely pictures make me green with envy:)

Kimberlee said...

Thank you, Jo. I do understand how you feel! Although I'm not crazy about having to dig out the doghouse...or the front porch...I do LOVE snow. Now that the sun is coming back I really enjoy looking at snowflakes up close with my butterfly binoculars. I wish I could figure out a way to photograph what I see through those! Thanks so much for saying's good to hear from you.

Steve said...

Regarding photoing through binoculars...are you familiar with what birders call digiscoping?

Kimberlee said...

No! I haven't heard of that....ENLIGHTEN ME!!!